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Preventative Care Tips

Cleaning and maintenance for you septic system is very important. Comparing your septic to a car - without maintenance a cars ability to function deteriorates until it just quits. Unfortunately, your septic will act the same way and its capability to absorb water will become slow and water will stand in the field. This could result in gurgling in the lines, slow drains, odors and possibly back up in stools and sinks. We always recommend good water management. Consistent hydraulic overloading i.e. doing more than two loads of laundry in a series, softener regenerating more than twice a week, and toilets with valves that stick cause system stress which may lead to high fluid levels in the septic tank and eventually may cause premature system failure. Saying "It never gives me trouble so I don't pump it" may be the first step into trouble.

If you have a garbage disposal and use it, the Elkhart County Health Department recommends pumping every 2 years. (Not a rule, just a suggestion). Otherwise, with a family of four our recommendation would be every 2 to 4 years depending on use.

We would be happy to answer any questions - from Septic 101 to specific concerns. Just give us a call at 574-848-7704.